Extreme Skate Park

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The sport of skateboarding is not only about riding the board, but also involves performing tricks. Some view it as art while some may use is as their official form or transportation. The popularity of skateboarding is rapidly rising and is reported to be a $4.8 billion dollar market with over 11 million skateboarders worldwide. Skate parks have been built for skateboarders since the 1970s; however there is still some concern about the skaters who illegally skate on and damage curbs, benches, and steps in parks and shopping areas. This gave the skaters an image of being rebellious and destructive. Skateboarding has evolved and became increasingly popular with all ethnicities. It is viewed as a sport that promotes brotherhood and will be a featured completion in the 2020 Olympics that will be held in Tokyo, Japan.
Skateboarding has its pros and cons. One of the pros of skateboarding is that it helps keep a person in shape. It helps with training the body endure long balancing periods while also building leg strength. It can also help with focus and attention spans. Skateboarders like to implement tricks that make their riding more enjoyable. They are faced with learning how to execute the tricks without causing harm to themselves and they have to stay with it in order to get it down packed. It can help with building confidence and relaxation. There are different levels to skateboarding and once a person becomes comfortable, they gain confidence to try new tricks that are usually more difficult. One of the most important pros of skateboarding is building social skills. The skateboarders spend a lot of their time in skate parks and meeting new people who share their interest. It is usually an instant friendship formed amongst skaters. On the other hand, skateboarding has its downside. Some of the negative aspects are that it causes pain in your joints due to the excessive over working of the leg muscles. It also causes a high tolerance for pain because many times skaters fall and injure themselves but do not seek medical attention. Ultimately, many skateboard for fun and socialization, while there are others who enjoy the completion aspect of it. Skating may not seem very competitive; however, the art of skating is a challenge that becomes more intense as the skater implement tricks and increase the speed that they ride. Skaters view their sport as being one of the most difficult sports due to the levels of intensity that comes with it and the individualization. Though, it can be considered a team sport, it is very individual.
Skaters who use skateboards as their formal method of transportation is sometimes considered illegal. Some industries have implemented devices such as skate stoppers to prevent skaters form becoming injured on their property and suing them or causing damage to their property. Ordinances have been introduced in many areas where skating is prohibited and signs are posted to notify the skaters. If they violate the ordinances, they usually receive tickets and fines instead of being arrested. Some of the skaters enjoy the adrenaline rush that they feel when they skate in areas where the sport is prohibited. The prohibited skating areas are not just to limit damage to physical property but to also limit injuries that may be occurred as a result of skating. Most skaters do not use protective gear like helmets and pads, therefore if they fall off the board, they may become injured. Some injuries may be considered minor but there are also times when the injury may be serious and cause broken limbs or serious head injuries.
The skateboarding business is increasing although the sport is not very popular with young children. Roughly 45% of the skateboarding population is 12-17 although the 9 and under age group is increasing, the percentage is not very high and the sales of boards is decreasing. The younger generation are spending more time playing video games and other electronic devices for entertainment as opposed to physical activities like skateboarding. The age group of the largest skating population is over 18. Although the industry as a whole is financially stable, the number of newcomers is not increasing. Some feel that skateboarding is soon to be a thing to the past due to the decrease in the interest. Although the number of participants in the sport is decreasing, it is still considered to be a top 10 sport. The decrease in interest is attributed to increased technology and the aspect of one’s safety. In the video posted you will have a chance to view the Extreme skate park in Louisville, Kentucky , and pick the minds of some of the skaters.


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